Tips on hiding your roots

Tips on hiding your roots

How to hide your roots until you’re ready to re-color your hair

You love your hair color. You don’t even mind that time or money it takes to create that color. However, life does make it hard sometimes to schedule that appointment or even to make time to do that coloring process, yourself at home. This is why it is essential to know some tips on how to hide those roots when your hair begins to grow out a bit quicker than you would like.

No, you don’t have to wear a scarf or a hat on your head all the time. First, you could simply repart your hair. Yes, the part of your head is the first tail tale sign that you need to recolor your hair. For this reason, if you change your part, you may be able to go another whole week without re-coloring. Plus, who knows you may like the new look. You may even enjoy the look of a messy part.

Next, consider adding more volume to your hair. To do this, the key is to wear your hair loose. This means you won’t be pulling your hair back or calling attention to those roots. You can add volume by teasing your hair. Begin teasing your hair at the root area. Next, create that new part.

Finally, if you don’t like any of these tips, you hate hats, as well as scarves, you may want to consider if you have the time to apply a root touch up kit to your hair. Yes, this will be quicker than going to the hair salon. However, if you color your hair yourself at home, this kit may take almost as long as your complete coloring process.