Collagen lips: yay or nay?

Collagen lips: yay or nay?

Are your lips big enough?

Slate just ran a great feature about the growing lips of women; the writer did not discuss whether the lips were getting looser, but instead reflected on the size of the lips and which woman inspired others to surgically or collgenically (my word, not theirs) enhance their lips. 

According to the Slate writer who was under the direct tutelage of a very pro-cosmetic surgery Vogue editor for a number of years, Angelina Jolie’s apparently luscious lips also inspired the collagen lip infusion with copy cats everywhere. 


Are big lips a positive trend in the world? Should we all be searching for Groupons for collagen? 


Maybe yes and maybe no. It’s difficult to say because big lips don’t look as good on everyone’s face. Obviously women under a certain age look fantastic with a little lush added to their lips, but women over the age of seventy might not want to wear so much lipstick and/or lip gloss with their collagen-infused lips lest someone confuse them for Stiffler’s great aunt as these images (also from the Slate article) will attest to. 

Would you consider getting plastic surgery on your lips? Would you inject collagen into your lips? I personally wouldn’t even consider getting collagen injected in my lips for a few reasons. 


The first problem for me is not that my lips wouldn’t benefit, but that the collagen injections are just animal fat. I’m not a vegan by any means, but I prefer adding my animal fats the old fashioned way--by eating meat. 


The second problem for me is that the collagen injections would be repetitive. Every three months or so, you’d need your lips done again. If you missed a collagen injection cycle, people might start to notice how tight-lipped you were once you missed an injection. 


The third problem is that I’ve so far avoided all cosmetic surgeries. That doesn’t mean that the doctors aren’t hawking some ideas to me in the media now and then or that I’m without flaws, but that I am honestly not dating a celebrity and am not in the public eye, so my needs for cosmetic surgery might not rival any of the Kardashians. And, no, I am not planning on injecting any collagen or anything else into my butt either. 


So what do you think? Yay or nay on collagen injections? Is the cost worth it?