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How to create smoky eyes

How to create a sexy, smoky look

Smoky eyes are a look that isn’t going away any time soon. The reason why is that women love the sexy and enduring look it creates. The look makes them look mysterious, daring and seductive all at once. It is also an easy look to accomplish and makeup companies are making it easier by combining the colors we need for this in one eye shadow kits. If you are still trying to grasp this look, here are some pointers to guide you.

First, gather the supplies you will need. This will include a primer for your prep process, dark eyeliner, the eye shadows and dark mascara.

Your first step is prepping your eye area. You should do this because it will help the eye-shadows and liner to stay in place.  Plus, it will help camouflage any flaws you may have. This includes some fine lines and some discoloration one may have around their eyes. The primer should be put on lightly around the bottom area of the eye and along the side.

Step two is lining your eye lid. You should do this in a gently approach. You don’t want to apply it in a rough manner that will cause your eyes to become red or teary. You should trace the liner inside the upper lash line and completely under the bottom line. Once you are finished lining the eyes, you should smudge them a bit. You can do this with a cotton swab.

Step three is the act of applying your eye shadows.  You can begin by trying these example colors. Take a gunmetal type color and apply it on your lash line. Next, you can take a silver or pewter shade and apply over top of the gunmetal color on your lash line. Finish, by using a clean brush and applying a light shade over the rest of the eye lid, sweeping over the outer edge of your eyes.

Finally, step four is to apply your mascara. You should apply this to your lower and upper lashes. You should apply two coats to your upper lashes to help make them look fuller and longer. Presto, you are done and your eyes should have a smoky, as well as sexy look.