Tips on creating J. Lo’s cat eye look

Tips on creating J. Lo’s cat eye look

Achieving the cat eye look with makeup

Do you love the look of cat eye makeup that is inspired by many celebrities such as J. Lo? Do you think this is a look that only professional makeup artists can accomplish? Do you wonder if it is a look that you can pull off for that next night of fun you have planned?

First, anyone who can apply eye makeup can accomplish this look. Yes, you can also become better at it, with practice. Second, anyone who is glamorous and daring will look good with a cat eye.

What do you need? You will need a pale pearly base cream eye shadow, a dark brown eye shadow, a white eyeliner, a dark eyeliner and classic black mascara. Begin by applying some of the pearly base cream eye shadow over the lids of your eyes. You can do this with your fingertips. Do this in a gentle motion. Now using your eye brush, apply the dark brown eye shadow to the crease of your eyelid. Apply as far as your brow line runs.

Take your dark eyeliner and draw a thin line on your top of your eyelid, close to your lashes. The goal is to fill in any gaps you see between your lashes. This line should be close to the lashes. Now you will begin to draw the wing that makes this look such a statement.

Continue with your dark eyeliner and bottom rim of your eyelid. Again, this should be a thin line from your nose to the center of your eye. At the corner, you will want to begin applying the liner a bit darker and then extend the line past your line and upward a tiny bit.

You will finish emphasizing the wing, by taking your white eyeliner and applying it above the dark liner on the top corner of your eyelid as you extend it out toward the wing line. Your last step is to add mascara to your lashes. You should apply two coats to make your lashes stand out more, as well as give them a bit more volume.