Affordable hair conditioner

Affordable hair conditioner

And it works beautifully too!

Lately, I have been trying to use fewer chemicals on my hair.  So besides cutting back on the number of times that I shampoo within a week, I have also decided to give a more natural conditioner a try.  What is this green conditioner that I speak of?  It is apple cider vinegar—a product that most already have sitting at home.

Apple cider vinegar is typically recommended over distilled vinegar due to the fact that it is less harsh.  Yet it is acidic enough to clean out buildup in the hair and helps to get rid of flakes and dandruff.  Therefore, I figured it would be the ideal conditioner for me to try.

So was I happy with the results?  Right now, I sort of have mixed feelings about it.  Conditioning my hair with the apple cider vinegar definitely made my hair soft and shiny.  However, there was just one problem—the off-putting smell.  The smell was at its worse during the shower—when I was applying the vinegar to my hair.  The salad smell continued to linger even after I had thoroughly rinse the vinegar out of my hair.  Only after I had finish blow-drying my hair did the smell go away. 

Initially, I had thought that things were not so bad.  I could take advantage of all the benefits of apple cider vinegar, and all I had to do was make sure to dry my hair thoroughly before leaving the house.  However, it was not that simple.  Anytime my hair got wet again, the vinegar smell was sure to come back.  It was most obvious after my hair got all sweaty during a routine run on the treadmill.  Even so, I am still going to give the apple cider vinegar another chance.