Turn back the clock with makeup

Turn back the clock with makeup

Makeup tips that can make you look younger.

You know that makeup can help hide your imperfections. Did you also know that using the right makeup and applying it correctly can help you look younger?  All you have to do is follow some simple tips.

First, you must use the right foundation. The right foundation is one that contains ingredients that will help increase collagen such as peptides and vitamin C to help fade age spots. You also want to use a moisturizer on your face.

Apply eye liner correctly. This means you shouldn’t apply it all around your eyes. If you do this, you will help to make your eyes look smaller. What you should do is apply eye liner to your top lashes and to the corners of your inner eye area.

Don’t wear dark lipstick. As we age, our lips will lose some of their plumpness. Dark lipstick will emphasize this fact. Go for more neutral and medium shades of lipstick.

Go easy on the blush. Yes, you may look paler and duller now that you are older. However, the solution is not to add hot pink color to your cheeks. The solution is to turn to warm and rosy blush shades and apply them correctly. They should be applied to the apples of one’s cheeks and then blended upward toward their temples. This will help give one color and add a fuller look to their face.

Check the color of your concealer. Is it white looking? If it is, it is the wrong shade. If a concealer is too light it can cause you to look washed out and make your skin look ashy. You concealer should only be a shade lighter than your own skin, no more.

If you follow these simple steps, your makeup will match your skin tone and you will look younger in minutes.