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Hair tricks that will help you look younger

Look younger by using these simple hair tricks

Would you like to look younger? Did you know that certain hair styles or tricks can instantly take years off of you? Some of these tricks are so simple to accomplish that you don’t even need a stylist.

The easiest trick is to add a pony tail to your style. You already know that this is a go-to style when you are in a rush or when your hair needs to be washed. However, it is a go to style when you want to look a bit younger, too. However, you can’t just style your hair in any pony-tail. First, stay away from the severe slick back-style pony tails. 

These will just add more years to your look by emphasizing every pore and every wrinkle you have. Instead, go for a soft pony-tail, one that is a bit messy, slightly frizzy and considered a bit on the sexy side. You may even want to go for one that sits at the side of your head, instead of the back.

Skip the center part. Instead, shift your part to the side and consider zigzagging it.  This will create an effortless stylish look. It will also help hide any gray strands or that tale-tale sign that you need to color.

Add some gloss to your hair. This will add shine. Shine is a symbol of youth. You may want to try one of those many at home glazes. Finally, you may want to consider cutting your hair or adding some bangs to your style.  If you go for a cut, consider adding some layers to your hairstyle, too.