Calm eye puffiness

Calm eye puffiness

Tips to calm and reduce eye puffiness

Nobody wants their eyes to look puffy. Puffy eyes make us look like we haven’t had any sleep or have been crying. This is not a look that makes us look attractive or sexy. Yes, there are many reasons why one’s eyes may look puffy: lack of sleep, allergies and crying are some of those reasons. Thankfully, no matter what the reason there are steps we can take to help calm and reduce the puffiness.

First, begin by looking at your diet. Do you eat a lot of salt? Salt can cause you to retain water throughout your body, including around your eyes. Water around your eyes can cause puffiness. Thus, if you eliminate some of the salt from your diet, you may eliminate some of your eye puffiness.

Next, consider how you sleep. Do you sleep with your head flat to the bed? If you elevate your head even  a little, fluid may not form around your eyes as much. All you may need to do is sleep with an extra pillow underneath your head.

In the morning, do you often awake with puffy eyes? If you do, consider purchasing some de-puffing gel that contains caffeine. You may also want one that contains some anti-inflammatory ingredients such as chamomile and cucumber, too.

A simple at home solution, you can also try to eliminate puffiness around your eyes is to place tea bags onto your eyes. The best one is black caffeinated tea bags. Place these tea bags in the refrigerator for 15 minutes. Then place them onto your eyes for ten minutes. The mixture of cold and caffeine will help constrict the blood vessels of your eyes and help drain the fluid. Another at home solution is to use a gel mask that you chill in the refrigerator. The best gel masks are the ones without the eye holes.

If none of these solutions works, speak to your doctor and see if he thinks allergies could be the corrupt for your puffiness.