Are you Cool or Warm Toned?

Are you Cool or Warm Toned?

When choosing everything from makeup, hair color and clothing, skin tone is key. Learning whether you have warm or cool toned skin should help you determine what works for you. Some people are truly neutral and both are flattering, but for most, it’s either cool or warm toned. There are a few things to try that can help you figure out your skin tone.


Flip your wrist over and look at your veins. Do they appear green or do they look blue? If they are greenish, chances are that you are warm toned. Blue colored veins indicate cool toned skin.


Do you look better in gold or in tones of silver, white gold or platinum? It can be hard to tell, look at yourself in pictures or look in the mirror while holding the jewelry up against your skin. If you look best in gold, you are very likely warm toned. If you look good in silver or similar colored metals, that indicates that you are cool toned.

Clothing Colors

It’s hard to tell which clothing colors look good on you sometimes. But model different colors and you can see what works best. Take photos if you are unsure. Warm colors are ones such as yellow, orange and brown. If your skin is warm, these will bring out the best in your skin tone. If jewel tones such as purple and hunter green suit your skin, it is likely that you are cool toned.

Take the time to figure out your skin tone in order to look your very best!