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Key makeup items for fall

Fall makeup must-haves

The weather is becoming cooler. This means that it is time to consider revamping your makeup routine. This also may mean a trip to your favorite makeup aisle of a department store, drug store or ordering your favorite line of makeup online or through a local sales person. What will you need this season?

You may want to start with some new colors for your lips. In the fall months, most women will prefer to wear some darker shades. However, you may also want to try some more cream and butter shades. What you definitely want is some lip colors that are enriched with some hydrating oils such as jojoba oil or shea butter. Remember the cool fall air can also cause our lips to become dry over time.

Many beauty experts are proclaiming the “it” color this season in nail polish is gray. One will find this color in most popular brands. It replaced the metallic silver from seasons ago. However, the fall reds and mauve colors are still as popular as ever.

Finally, one must not forget to have a great smudge fixer handy. Most women may actually want two of these. They may want to keep one handy in their bathroom for morning makeup applications, as well as stored one away in their makeup bags. When a smear occurs, these handy smudge fixers can just wipe them away neatly. A popular one is made by the inexpensive brand e.lf. Studio. It is simply called Studio Makeup Remover Pen.