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The Brazilian Blowout: My Personal Experience

My Hair Looks Better Than It Did Before..........

I did extensive research into Brazilian Blowouts and decided to get one; my pseudo friend was half-responsible for my decision. She wanted to get a Brazilian Blowout, but wanted to see both how my hair turned out first and if the formaldehyde exposure associated with the Brazilian Blowout would instantly kill me before she got anything done.


 Because I am constantly battling my own frizzy hair and am weak to the powers that be, I let her convince me to get it done.


I researched salons performing the Brazilian Blowouts and found one that offered the Brazilian Blowout at a reasonable price. I was nervous for the appointment and purposely didn’t put any product or style my hair at all so she could see how unmanageable my hair truly was.


Like any good stylist, she didn’t comment on my frizz. Instead she explained the Brazilian Blowout procedure. First, she would shampoo the hair with a deep shampoo to remove any excess hair product in my hair. Next, she would apply the solution and then blowdry the hair. Finally, she would carefully flat iron my hair.


She warned me that I might experience some itchiness at the scalp, as well as some burning in my nose. When she first applied the solution, I didn’t feel anything, but when she was applying heat—either through the hair dryer or through the flat iron—I didn’t like breathing in the Brazilian Blowout.


During the Brazilian Blowout, I got a text message from my so-called friend asking me how it was going. I didn’t answer her: afterall, my nose was burning slightly. I thought back to how the same friend and I were going to get tattoos together and remembered that I was the only one who had a tattoo and wondered how and why I always let her talk me into this sort of sh*t.


I left the salon and couldn’t figure out if I liked it; my shoulder-length hair was completely flat. Definitely more Jennifer Aniston looking (if her hair was shorter) than any other star. I resisted the temptation to wash my hair. Instead, I googled Brazilian Blowouts for about thirty minutes. In theory, I knew that I could immediately wash the Brazilian Blowout solution out of my hair, but I was terrified that it wouldn’t last. (If you had to deal with my hair every day, you would understand my feelings.)


I waited for six or seven hours, and washed out my hair. My hair felt much finer than usual, but still had a little bit of wave left in it. I let it air dry and it was almost completely straight. The worst part of the whole experience was seeing someone I knew who had perfect hair and had never gotten a Brazilian Blowout in her lifetime.