November 2012

Beauty tips to fight off a wild night out

How to combat a wild night out or any type of night without sleep.

Did you party too hard last night? Did the baby keep you up all night? Did you fight with your hubby or significant other all night? Now that it is morning does your face show the signs? What can you do?

If you have nowhere to go, you can crawl back in bed, unless you still have a baby to care for in the morning. If you have somewhere to go and you don’t want to show the effects of the night, you can put down the coffee cup and begin your overhaul.

Holiday makeup tips

Makeup rules may change a bit during the holidays.

Now that the holidays are approaching, you  may want to dress a little more daring. If daring isn’t the look you want, you may at least want to spice up your style a tad. You can easily do this with makeup, as well as a little bit of accessories. You can also throw out some of the normal rules during this time, especially when you are heading out to some fun holiday parties.

Hair tricks that will help you look younger

Look younger by using these simple hair tricks

Would you like to look younger? Did you know that certain hair styles or tricks can instantly take years off of you? Some of these tricks are so simple to accomplish that you don’t even need a stylist.

The easiest trick is to add a pony tail to your style. You already know that this is a go-to style when you are in a rush or when your hair needs to be washed. However, it is a go to style when you want to look a bit younger, too. However, you can’t just style your hair in any pony-tail. First, stay away from the severe slick back-style pony tails.