October 2012

Relieving irritated and sensitive skin

Makeup and home remedy tips

Do you have sensitive skin? Do you have irritated skin? Do you wonder how you can moisturize your sensitive skin and help relieve some of its dryness, without further causing more irritation problems?

First, you could go to a dermatologist. This doctor may advise you to do some smart things as cutting out those hot baths that you love. Yes, hot water will draw the moisture from your body. You should be using warm water instead. You should also not be using lotions and cleansers that contain solvents such as mineral oil or petrolatum. These solvents can strip the oil from your body, too. These doctors may also warn you about using products that contains fragrances and artificial dyes.

Turn back the clock with makeup

Makeup tips that can make you look younger.

You know that makeup can help hide your imperfections. Did you also know that using the right makeup and applying it correctly can help you look younger?  All you have to do is follow some simple tips.

First, you must use the right foundation. The right foundation is one that contains ingredients that will help increase collagen such as peptides and vitamin C to help fade age spots. You also want to use a moisturizer on your face.

Apply eye liner correctly. This means you shouldn’t apply it all around your eyes. If you do this, you will help to make your eyes look smaller. What you should do is apply eye liner to your top lashes and to the corners of your inner eye area.

Tips for younger looking eyes

How to achieve younger looking eyes


Yes, the eyes are the window to our soul. Yet, many of us may want that window to look younger. How can we do this? We can do this following some simple tips.

First, when we are outside, we should protect our eyes from the sun. This means we need to shield our eyes from the sun by wearing hats and sunglasses that will block the sun from our eyes.

Tips for glowing skin

How to make your skin look younger and more glowing

When you think of younger skin, do you think of glowing skin? Young skin does have an unique glow about it.  As we become older our skin becomes darker due to dark patches and discolorations. This is partly due to unprotected time in the sun and an increase in the melanin and even causes the melanin to clump together in cells on the top layer of our skin. However, there are some things that we can do help slow down this process.

We can begin by making it a ritual to applying a moisturizer onto our face that contains SPF and doing so before we step outdoors daily.  We should also use face products that contain vitamin C. This will help us fight wrinkles and help even out our skin tone.

Calm eye puffiness

Tips to calm and reduce eye puffiness

Nobody wants their eyes to look puffy. Puffy eyes make us look like we haven’t had any sleep or have been crying. This is not a look that makes us look attractive or sexy. Yes, there are many reasons why one’s eyes may look puffy: lack of sleep, allergies and crying are some of those reasons. Thankfully, no matter what the reason there are steps we can take to help calm and reduce the puffiness.

First, begin by looking at your diet. Do you eat a lot of salt? Salt can cause you to retain water throughout your body, including around your eyes. Water around your eyes can cause puffiness. Thus, if you eliminate some of the salt from your diet, you may eliminate some of your eye puffiness.