August 2012

Tips on making your lipstick last

How to making that perfect lipstick shade last longer

You search and search. Finally, you find that perfect lipstick shade that matches your complexion and makes your face pop.  Now that you have found it, you want it to the look to last when you apply it.  What can you do to make it last?

First, you can begin by prepping your lips every single time you wear it. You can do this by gently washing your lips off with a damp washcloth. Then you can apply a lip balm over your lips. Wait a few minutes and wipe off the excess lip balm. This will help ensure that you don’t over apply the lipstick to dry lips.

Combating dry skin

Products and solutions for dry skin.

Dry skin can cause skin to itch. Dry skin can cause skin to become dull and worn looking. Dry skin can definitely cause wrinkles. Let’s face it, nobody wants dry skin. For this reason, we all should know the simple ways we can begin combat this very common problem and be happy to know we can start seeing results in less than a week.

Where do we begin? We begin by keeping our skin clean and making this a habit. Yet, we shouldn’t just wash our skin with ordinary soap or water. We should begin by using a soft cloth that is enriched with aloe or vitamin E. We should do this every morning. It is a great way to make our skin feel great.

At night, we should end each day by applying a mild creamy cleanser all over face. If we are prone to breakouts or irritation, we may want to consider a cleanser such as Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser.

How to get radiant skin

Radiant skin equals beautiful skin

We all want to look radiant. We all want beautiful skin. Yes, some of this beauty comes from our genes. Yes, some of this beauty comes from eating the right foods. Yes, some of this beauty comes from taking the right beauty steps.

One of the most important beauty steps one must take is to exfoliate their skin. Exfoliation is the key to removing dead skin. We need to remove dead skin to keep our skin from looking dull. We also need to do this to keep our skin looking smooth. Smooth skin will not only feel good; it will help keep light reflecting off it properly.  One can exfoliate daily with a brush or lufah pad. However, one should use an exfoliating product no more than a couple times of times a week.

Once a week, one should consider using an at-home skin peel on their face that contains hydroxyl acids. This will help remove those dead cells and help replenish the skin. If one has sensitive skin, they may want to turn to a scrub that also contains gentle beads and some citrus.

On manicures

(And getting to know your manicurist)

You're well-trained in the art of beauty. You know where to drop cash for good quality (foundation, conditioner, eye shadow) and where you can skimp for savings (mascara, shampoo, lip gloss). You also know that having someone else save you the hassle of painting your nails is a must. You know these things not because you're girly or superficial, but because you're female. It comes with the territory. 

When it comes to nail shops, you know the true from the tacky. Experience has taught you which places to avoid: the ones that neglect your cuticles and those who don't sanitize their tools. And you know where to find the artists: the ones who do great Chinese characters, lotus flowers and reverse French manicures. You even know that spending a lot for a manicure is a waste of time and money. You discovered long ago that the cheaper joints are faster, more meticulous and better at their craft than their high-end competitors.