March 2012

What Your Lipstick Shade Of Choice Says About Your Personality

Have you ever taken a few minutes to think about what the color of your lipstick says about your personality? I never thought about the correlation between color psychology and makeup until I came across and an article on titled "What Does Your Lipstick Shade Say About You" written by Dawn Papandrea. I read on to see if my lipstick shades of choice actually represented my personality.


I used to wear mostly pink but lately, since dying my hair blondish red hue, I have gravitated toward corals and reds. The shade I wear depends on my mood and because of that fact, I think there's gotta be some relation between your lipstick color and what you display to the world.

How to Determine Which Haircut Works Best for Your Face Shape

You sigh as you realized you looked at another page filled with cute spring hairstyles. The article showed you that any haircut would suit an oval face shape and that heart face shapes look best when sporting a chin-length blog. The information is all well and great but you don't know what your face shape is. I would get upset every time I read yet another article that showed dozens of ways to style and cut hair to suit a particular face shape. I didn't know my own much less how to figure it out. Ladies, fret no further because I scoured the Internet until I found a method to determine my face shape. Which, by the way, is oval.


Things You'll Need:

Welcome Spring 2012 with a Pretty Blush

This year pink has already ruled the makeup looks seen on the fashion runways of New York and beyond, along with nude, red and neon. I've been aware for quite some time that pink blush gives cheeks a healthy glow but what I didn't know is that for 2012, makeup artists have come up with a new way to make your face appear rosy and flushed. The combination blush look first appeared on the Ralph Lauren runway, sported by models done up by makeup artist Tom Pecheux. Pecheux's goal was to create a rosy glow that didn't appear flat under camera lights and, from what I've seen, he succeeded.