September 2011

Getting Waxing Done Under Difficult Circumstances


A few years ago, I came across a young relative's copy of Seventeen. The lead article had a story about what to do when you get your period at school. While most of us have overcome the embarrassment of getting our periods and buying feminine products in the stores, there are still a few topics that remain more or less embarrassing to discuss that involve what should be a woman’s normal cycle.

Open Letter to Clinique: Your High Impact Mascara is Not Worthy of the Clinique Name

ATTN Shoppers: Do Not Buy This Mascara

Dear Clinique,

I’m writing an open letter to complain to you (and to the world) about the Clinique High Impact mascara, which is not inexpensive, is clumpy, and tends to run towards the Tammy Faye Bakker look when applied by anyone who is not a licensed cosmetologist.

The Clinique brand is usually associated with a clean image. (If in fact a make-up can truthfully be considered clean and healthy.) And in many ways, much of Clinique’s line actually represents this ideal image; most women who wear Clinique don’t look like circus clowns or drag queens. In most cases, women wearing the Clinique brand actually look tasteful, which isn’t exactly what I can say for some other make-up brands.