February 2011

Beer for Your Hair: Beer Shampoo and Beer Conditioner

Beer: Thirst-Quenching for Your Hair

Beer has been the inspiration for many a song writer and more than a few poets, but does it have any other uses? You can use it in all kinds of bread recipes—from pancakes to beer bread—but have you ever tried using beer in your hair?


And, no, I’m not talking about going to a bar or a kegger and accidentally getting beer spilled on your head and wondering what the effects will be; I’m talking about intentionally putting beer on your hair in lieu of using an expensive conditioner or shampoo. You might be skeptical, but I am 100% serious: some women and girls actually use beer as a shampoo, a deep conditioner for their hair, or as a hair thickening agent.

The Power of a Good Bath

For the last few weeks, I’ve been deep in a funk that I just can’t shake. It turns out that it may be my own body, as I suffered some severe menstrual problems including a high loss of blood. I’ve had blood work done, will be getting an ultrasound, and am on a high dosage of hormones—all things that many women who’ve experienced significant bleeding can probably relate to. So, my funk may be chemical.

Need Your Makeup Done But Don't Want to Pay Big Money?

At the beauty shop with a friend recently, I noticed that for the extremely high price of $45, I could get my make up done. Since the service offered was for a regular makeup job, and not permanent makeup tattooed on my face (which is fricking weird if you ask me), I opted out. Unless you’re going to be in a wedding or you’re independently wealthy, why pay that much for make up that will last at a maximum of four hours?


For those needing a makeover on the day of an important event, I have a much better idea than either doing it yourself or paying big bucks for something that will last you only one day: go to the mall, choose your favorite makeup counter (or the one offering freebies—usually Clinique), get a makeover, and buy just enough make up to get the free samples or make up bag.