January 2011

The Hair Down There

I was in a rather delicate discussion the other day: it related to pubic hair and the lack thereof on certain females. The discussion centered on the fashionable trend of Brazilian waxes and on the next step: laser technology or electrolysis to eliminate your unwanted and/or unnecessary body hairs FOREVER.

My source, a former sorority girl who shall remain nameless, had noticed the trend of certain friends using lasers to permanently eliminate their body hairs. She wondered what would happen when the trends changed again and body hairs (to a certain degree) were once again acceptable? Would the girls come to regret the no-tolerance to body hairs policy they adopted at around the same time they decided to get their “Tramp Stamp”? (LINK to Bill Maher weighing in on the all-important-topic.

I Wouldn't Marry Russell Brand: Here's Why


Would you want to be married or dating Russell Brand? Despite his fame, fortune, and wit, I’m not so sure that I would. The actor/comedian is often crossing the lines of what’s appropriate behavior—remember where he put a Barbie Doll during a recent performance? But his latest stunt is worse. He recently snapped a pic of his super-hot wife Katy Perry without make up and posted it online.

My Brand-new “Plum” Color

So to start out fresh for the New Years, I decided to get my hair done for New Year’s Eve…just before the clock hit “midnight.” And so I made an appointment two days before to book a hair color since my hair needed some major “update.” It really did. I had my hair colored about 3 months ago with my hair stylist who is absolutely amazing….and gorgeous as well. Not only did I want to “tune” in fresh and “new” to ring in for the “New Years,” but wanted a fresh new, sexy look to add to my hair as well. And boy…I will tell you this. It paid off. Big time!

Are you “Amazing?”

Ask yourself this one simple, easy question…”Are you amazing?” If you answered a “hell yes,” you are definitely on the right track of feeling “amazing.” If you answered, “hell no,” then you seriously need to do a “background check” on yourself and really hopefully “fix” some things on yourself. Right?

“Tattooed” eyebrows

I went to visit one of my really good girlfriend’s just before the holidays to see how she was doing. Since I am a very busy woman, it is always nice and joyful to see good friends I haven’t seen for a long time. It’s always nice to chat, gossip, and “catch-up” with them as well. Not only did I visit my girlfriend for a visit, but she had a new “transformation” too. Guess? My girlfriend got her eyebrows permanently “tattooed.”