October 2010

Body Scrubs

Taking good care of your skin is very important. Since we go through a lot of weather changes along with taking care of our own personal lives, it is always good to keep in mind by paying attention to our skins needs. Not only does skin live on our body, but we must take very good care of it as well. One of my favorite beauty techniques in achieving smooth, baby soft skin is by applying body scrub to my skin in the shower 2-3 times a week.

Under Eye Puffiness: Use Preparation H

          Want to get rid of under eye puffiness? The solution? Use Preparation H. This brand of cream is used for treating hemorrhoids. Preparation H is a great at home remedy cream treatment in reducing the puffiness underneath your eyes. Some people call this an “old wives,” remedy beauty care trick. I had found out about this old trick in the book a few years ago where I was getting my hair done at a high end beauty salon. I made a hair appointment one day and came into the salon to check in as a guest very exhausted and tired. Since I was receiving a glamorous, hair treatment that day, it was going to at least brighten my day up. I waited at the guest lobby and my stylist called out my name. My stylists name was Ivita. She was a gorgeous, blonde, lady who came from an Iranian descent background.

            I sat on the salon chair and Ivita started my hair consultation with me. I asked her to do a full set of soft, wavy curls. My stylist asked me if I needed anything to drink. I asked for tea. She later came back with my hot tea and sugar. Ivita then proceeded with my up do. We started chatting and the conversation came to the topic of under eye puffiness. I told her I was very exhausted that day and did not have a good night’s rest. She took a look at my eyes and noticed they were very tired and puffy. Ivita asked me what kind of eye cream I used. I told my hair dresser the Benefit “Eyecon” cream for women. She recommended Preparation H. As my hair was being curled, my stylist chatted with me about the benefits of Preparation H and what it really does for under eye puffiness.

Aloe Vera Gel

            This past summer I took a mini vacation to Disneyland for the first time in my life. I never had the opportunity to go when I was a child so having this small vacation for me was a special treat. In the month of June, I decided to book a plane ticket to Anaheim, California for my Disneyland trip. I booked my ticket a few days before in advance and had a good deal on them. I’ve heard of amazing fun things about Disneyland so I was very excited about my time down there. I didn’t expect much of anything, but just to have some quality fun time for myself. Here I come Disneyland!

Benefit Cosmetics: “Eyecon”

            I was introduced to Benefit cosmetics a few years ago by my best friend who was a huge fan of this women’s beauty care line. Since I love makeup, this was a new cosmetic line that I was willing to try out. I used to wear the Clinique cosmetic care line sold in various department and boutique stores around the world before being introduced to Benefit cosmetics. Since I have sensitive skin, I was hoping this new cosmetics would not irritate my skin. I used to work in the cosmetic department of a retail store in the past. As part of my makeup consultant job with my customer service experience, part of my duties was to test different types of make-up and helping customers with beauty and cosmetic care. It was a huge reward for me to help customers out since I am a huge beauty expert and beauty care buff.

            Benefit cosmetics was something extremely new and trying this new line could really benefit me. My friend told me some of the things she bought from the beauty care line. I was very excited to hear about the stuff she had in her make-up bag. The next day I immediately went to my nearest shopping mall to check out the Benefit cosmetic line at the department store. My friend went with me as well to help me out with some make-up shopping. We went to the Macy’s cosmetic department store and easily found the Benefit counter. As we approached the counter, a gorgeous red-head brunette sales lady asked us if we needed any help. Her name was Autumn. Not only was the sales lady helpful, she was extremely informative as well.

Sea Salt Toothpaste

           I was over at a former friend’s house a couple months ago out in the countryside and went to the bathroom to freshen up one afternoon. As I was freshening up my face, I noticed on top of the beauty drawer some “sea salt” toothpaste lying around. I did remembered eating something earlier and my mouth wasn’t feeling that clean at all. I decided to take out my toothbrush from my bag and wanted to try out this “sea salt” toothpaste I saw in the bathroom. I was actually really excited about trying this paste since I’ve never heard of this kind of toothpaste before. I have just always used regular toothpaste, but the thought of brushing my teeth with sea salt paste was something new and fun.

Hair Conditioner: For Shaving

              A few months ago, I was going through my old magazines featuring beauty and styling tips. I came upon this one article about shaving with hair conditioner. As I read more into the article and how-to-do-it-yourself shave with just hair conditioner, I was completely amazed. There are sometimes some moments when I run out of shave cream or in a rush in the morning and forget to stock up on them. Even though I had some shave cream stocked up in my body care cabinet, I decided to give my hair conditioner a shot. There are some cheap conditioners that I barely use at all and thought it would be great to shave with them since they were inexpensive products.

Baby Lotion: The Benefits for Skin Care

             In the past I have been using many different kinds of facial creams and body lotions from department and drug stores. I am a huge beauty and body care junkie and always place an importance on very good skin care for the rest of my life. As we all get older, our skin will change with not having the same appearance as it once was in our younger years. As a child, my mother would give me beauty and skin care lessons and tips on achieving perfect skin. Just not too long ago, my mother was chatting with me about the benefits of baby lotion.

Baby Wipes: Great for Make-up Remover?

           One evening I was heading home to pick up a few items before driving to my friend’s house. I was in a bit of a rush and remembered I needed some makeup remover since I was going out with a friend for dinner and may stay overnight at their house. I asked my mother if she had any make-up remover I could borrow. She said no, but mentioned that there were regular baby wipes that I could use and bring with me. I was surprised when she said baby wipes. I was thinking, “Baby wipes for make-up remover?” I turned to my mother who was smiling at me and I said, “Mom, you’re funny, but are you serious, baby wipes?” She said baby wipes are very easy to use when you do not have time in the day to wash your face. My mother said it was a great beauty tool for whenever you’re out somewhere, traveling, or just need a quick beauty fix at home.

Are Boar Bristle Brushes Worth the Extra Cost?

I know the beauty question that is most on your minds (when you are not thinking about Lady Gaga, Paris Hilton, or Barack Obama)- you want to know if a Boar Bristle  brush is worth the money. It is, after all, hard to trust the idea that a brush partially made from wild hog hair could be more effective when styling your own hair. Several articles are touting the usefulness of having a natural brush versus a cheap, plastic brush, but are the articles correct? Is a Boar Bristle brush really “all that” and more?

Rose Petals Rosewater Spray


            I was deciding what to get at my local downtown organic store near my house for dinner and remembered I was out of my all time favorite misting spray. As I got my soup for dinner that evening, I headed to the body care aisle where my favorite spray was located. This spray is called Rose Petals Rosewater by Heritage Products. This magnificent spray mist is great for use at any season during the year.