May 2010

The High Cost of Beauty

I am not about to disclose my own personal choices for hair removal, beauty products, hair cuts, and the like, but I will say I am staggered by the costs of beauty and beauty-related expenses where I live.

How the women around here afford their typical beauty "maintenance" remains a mystery to me.

A full-leg wax plus a bikini wax is actually a deal at $60 at a nearby salon. Add in $15 for eyebrows for those who aren't too handy with the tweezers and you have a monthly cost of $75 alone just to remove your unwanted hair from your face and body.

Hints for Avoiding Orange Skin

Ooompas are the orange-skinned dancing and singing employees from the original "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory". Unfortunately, everywhere I look, I see Ooompa doppelgangers. While the young women I see are not exactly singing and dancing everywhere they go, their skin is strangely orange-colored.

Usually, the Ooompa wanna-bes are teenagers or in their early 20's who have yet to realize that the color of the foundation or spray-on tanning lotion that they apply to their skin actually makes a difference. Often, their natural beauty is covered up with thick, glommy orange foundation, which is probably not their intent.