April 2010

I Love the Babyliss Pro

If flat-irons were Quidditich broom sticks, the Babyliss Pro would definitely be the flat-iron equivalent of the Nimbus 2000. In a tiny way, the Babyliss Pro has actually changed my life by giving me the confidence in my ability to style my hair on my own.

A few weeks ago, I went into a store specializing in beauty products in desperate need of a new flat iron. I hadn’t purchased one in over ten years and had blamed my inability to straighten my hair on my own ineptitude until a friend let me in on a little secret- my old flat iron sucked ass.

ELLE Magazine Says Freckles are In

If you are worried about the freckles on your face distracting from your natural beauty, don’t. According to ELLE magazine and their Make-Up and Skin-Care writer, fair faces and freckles are definitely IN. As a matter of fact, freckles are so in that one make-up artist is actually freckling models’ faces with eyebrow pencil.

Miyako Okamoto is a Shiseido make-up artist who believes that adding freckles adds “a fresh, youthful image.” She sprinkles the freckles around the cheeks and the bridge of the models’ noses for a “healthy look”.