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The right way and time to apply skin products

Timing is key for applying skin products

Yes, you must use the right skin products. These products can help moisturize the skin and they can help stop premature aging. However, the key is not just what products you use. The key is also when use you apply them.

Serums should always be applied in the mornings and again at night. It doesn’t matter if they contain skin lightening or anti-aging ingredients. They best way to apply them is by patting them on your entire face. Retinol cream should be applied at night. During the day, light can cause them to deactivate. Apply these creams by patting them onto your face. Moisturizers can be used twice a day, if your skin is dry. If your skin is oily, only use it once a day and apply it at night. Pay close attention to the areas around your mouth.

Eye cream should be applied twice a day, both during the morning and at night. Apply a pea sized amount underneath your eyes and around the upper eye lids. Finally, apply around the area where crow’s feet can appear. Apply with your ring finger. Never press hard or you can injury this vulnerable area of your skin.

Sunscreen should be used daily, even during the winter months. Apply a quarter size amount on your face, using your finger or a makeup brush. You should start along your hairline and jaw line. Slowly, work your way in toward your face and down to your neck. Finally, never go to bed with your makeup on your face. If you are too tired to completely wash it off with water and your favorite face cleanser, use a face wipe. You can even keep these pre-moistened wipes near your bed for easy access, for those nights when you are really tired.