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Combating dry skin

Products and solutions for dry skin.

Dry skin can cause skin to itch. Dry skin can cause skin to become dull and worn looking. Dry skin can definitely cause wrinkles. Let’s face it, nobody wants dry skin. For this reason, we all should know the simple ways we can begin combat this very common problem and be happy to know we can start seeing results in less than a week.

Where do we begin? We begin by keeping our skin clean and making this a habit. Yet, we shouldn’t just wash our skin with ordinary soap or water. We should begin by using a soft cloth that is enriched with aloe or vitamin E. We should do this every morning. It is a great way to make our skin feel great.

At night, we should end each day by applying a mild creamy cleanser all over face. If we are prone to breakouts or irritation, we may want to consider a cleanser such as Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser.

While our skin is still damp at night, we can apply an added moisturizer to our face. Moisturizers can take back what the skin took from us during the day. This can include the sun and other environmental factors. We should being choosing one that contains hyaluronic acid, glycerin or shea butter.

If your skin feels tight after applying the moisturizer, it wasn’t the right one for your skin type. Try finding one that is a bit thicker.

Try a lactic acid peel every week on your face, if your skin is especially dry. This will slough off any dead skin you may face.

Now if you are wondering how to treat those annoying fine line and wrinkles, consider using a product such as Neutrogena or a product that contains retinol. Be sure to use it every other day.