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How to Wake Up Tired, Baggy Eyes

Use One or All of These Techniques to Wake Up Your Eyes.

I don't tend to get dark circles and other signs that point to tiredness that often unless I'm either sick or have been awoken by my 10-month-old several times during the night. However, when I do, I have figured out through trial and research what works and what doesn't to get rid of tired eyes fast. For example, if I use the wrong color of concealer under my peepers, they'll appear even more exhausted than before I started. Use one or all of these techniques to wake up your eyes.


Remove your makeup and wash your face before you go to bed to decrease the chance that you'll wake up with tired eyes. Puffy eyes in the morning, according to makeup artists, can result from an unwashed face from the night before.

Place cucumbers or cold tea bags on your eyes to reduce the signs of a sleepless night. Anything cold on your eyes brings down the inflammation which plays a big role in making them look tired. The caffeine from your tea bags, along with a natural astringent from the cucumber, work to tighten up the areas around your eyes for the purpose of looking like you had a decent night's rest.


Put on your on eye cream first thing every morning to look like you slept for eight hours the night before. Eye cream, when used over time, works to rid your eyes of puffiness before it even starts. The right type of eye cream will also help fight wrinkles which makes you look younger and more awake.


Work white or light eyeshadow into your a.m. makeup routine. Dab the light-colored shadow onto the inner corner of your eyes to brighten up your entire face.


Adding these steps to your morning routine will erase the signs of tired, swollen or baggy eyes.