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How to Determine Which Haircut Works Best for Your Face Shape

You sigh as you realized you looked at another page filled with cute spring hairstyles. The article showed you that any haircut would suit an oval face shape and that heart face shapes look best when sporting a chin-length blog. The information is all well and great but you don't know what your face shape is. I would get upset every time I read yet another article that showed dozens of ways to style and cut hair to suit a particular face shape. I didn't know my own much less how to figure it out. Ladies, fret no further because I scoured the Internet until I found a method to determine my face shape. Which, by the way, is oval.


Things You'll Need:

  • Mirror
  • Measuring Tape
  • Paper
  • Pencil


  1. Figure out which mirror you want to use to measure your face and gather together your tape measure, piece of paper and pencil.
  2. Measure your cheekbones by placing the end of your tape measure a little ways past the outer corner of your eye. From here you can start measuring your face shape. Form a straight line with your measuring tape by laying it across the bridge of your nose to right past the outer corner of the eye where you're not already holding the measuring tape. Check to see that the tape measure is sitting on top of your cheekbones for the purposes of getting an accurate reading. Write down the measurement after you read the numbers you see on it.
  3. Place the measuring tape on the side of your jaw closest to your ear and run it along your jaw until you reach the middle of your chin. Multiply that number by two and write down this number on your sheet of paper.
  4. Measure your forehead by placing the beginning of your measuring tape on the side of your forehead at the point you notice that's the widest between your hairline and eyebrows. Run the tape along your forehead until you reach the same spot on the other side of your head. Write down the number you see on your tape measure.
  5. Place the beginning of your measuring tape at the middle of your hairline. Measure the distance between your hairline and the top of your chin. Write down the number you see on the measuring tape onto your sheet of paper.


You're an oval if the length of your face equals out to one and a half times the width and lucky you if you have it because this face shape appears well-balanced to the human eye. You can wear all types of different hairstyles from the really short to the really long. Round faces are as long as they are wide and stylists recommend that you try haircuts that sit higher at the crown to help you balance out the width of your face. Think off center parts as one way to give yourself your best face forward. Oblong faces are longer than wide and styles that suit this face shape include those that fall between short and medium on the length scale. Add layers around your face to soften it's appearance and remember to steer away from very long hair. Heart-shaped faces display a narrow jawline with wide cheekbones. Chin-length bobs give your jaw a balanced appearance and you can pull off longer hair styles with ease. Square face shapes are as wide as they are long but they give off more of an angular shape than round faces do. Look to style your mane with short and medium length styles. You can also pull off wavy styles with this face shape. Wide cheekbones and a narrow forehead along with your jawline are the dominate features of a diamond face shape. You can pull off many hairstyles with this face type; similar as to the individual who has an oval face.