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What Your Lipstick Shade Of Choice Says About Your Personality

Have you ever taken a few minutes to think about what the color of your lipstick says about your personality? I never thought about the correlation between color psychology and makeup until I came across and an article on titled "What Does Your Lipstick Shade Say About You" written by Dawn Papandrea. I read on to see if my lipstick shades of choice actually represented my personality.


I used to wear mostly pink but lately, since dying my hair blondish red hue, I have gravitated toward corals and reds. The shade I wear depends on my mood and because of that fact, I think there's gotta be some relation between your lipstick color and what you display to the world.

The iVillage article agreed that red is color reserved for individuals who like to stand out. I have to say I agree with this one because I only started wearing red after losing 20 pounds of baby weight. I find that I tend to wear a vibrant red when I'm feeling happy and in control of my life.


My other shade of choice says that I like to have a good time if I'm wearing a brighter version of the shade. I think this is true and matches the red lipstick wearer except that I'm feeling quirky when I put on this brilliant shade. The lighter coral color indicates that I enjoy wearing this color when I'm in the mood to have fun but in a more muted environment such as at a lunch with friends.


Shades that I don't tend to wear include purple, neutral shades and pink. I suppose fact in of itself says a lot about my personality. Purple lipstick wearers like to give off a mysterious vibe that invites friends and family to keep on guessing about them. Professionals such as doctors, lawyers and executive secretaries find themselves drawn toward neutral lipstick when at the office because they know what they're after and don't like to stand out in an uninviting way. I have concluded that lipstick color can represent personality but may not always paint an accurate picture because as soon as the professional leaves the office for a date night she swipes her neutral shade for a vibrant purple.