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The Perfect Foundation

"There really is something out there for everyone. It is not worth being unhappy with your skin."

There are some women born with beautiful, even, and flawless skin. I have never been one of those lucky ladies, and for a long time the search for the perfect coverage foundation was a very frustrating experience.  I have worn liquid foundation for about 15 years, and though I love my mineral makeup, I could swirl, tap, and buff all day and not get a full coverage look.

So where to start? You truly have to have a little bit of an idea as far as coverage goes, what you would like.  When I do makeovers I tend to keep the younger aged girls with good complexion in something sheer and water based, or a nice tinted moisturizer.   Younger girls prone to acne I love a good matte foundation with full coverage.  Most (not all) matte foundations are oil free.  For about 75%  of us out here, we don't want an oily foundation!  When age starts to come into play we usually move you up into a line for dry skin to help replenish moisture loss and keep you from getting cakey.  Most cosmetic lines have a foundation targeted to lift and firm wrinkles throughout the day as well.  Somewhere in the middle? Look for a nice moderate coverage balancing foundation.  The type of skin you have, is more important than the type of skin you want.

Another thing you might want to watch for is SPF. Tinted moisturizers which don't cover a whole lot, but are very easy, usually have a higher SPF. Your typical foundation will have an SPF of 15-20.  Many of the age repair foundations are now being made with a little bit of a higher protection built in.  If you are sensitive or have had issues in the past with liquid foundation, you may actually be allergic to SPF.  (You will notice the same kind of reaction if you wear a balm on your lips that has the SPF in it as well.) Some of the specialty lines like Clinique may be just what you need, no dyes, no scent. Clinique also caters to those with Acne and Rosacea. There is a line of skincare and foundation now.  (Acne Solutions, and Redness Solutions) The Redness Solutions line is perfect for toning down the red.

There really is something out there for everyone. It is not worth being unhappy with your skin. Finding the right foundation for me really made me more confident, and when people tell me I have beautiful skin I just laugh now. Little do they know I am wearing foundation!