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Is Sugaring a Good Alternative to Waxing?

The Sugaring versus Waxing Debate Rages On.......

The raging debate continues: and no, I’m not referring to Arnold and his mistress’ love child (LINK HERE for a strange and twisted morph of what such an adult child might look like). No, the debate I’m referring to focuses on whether sugar or waxing is better to remove unwanted and unsightly hair without shaving or the use of hair removal products.


Since sugaring is less common than waxing, I’ll first describe the pros and cons of sugaring. The sugaring concoction is made up of sugar, lemon, and water; it usually looks like a sticky ball and can be used to grab unwanted hairs repeatedly. (Click HERE for a picture of what a sugaring hair removal looks like when performed on a leg.)


Sugaring has a few advantages over waxing: most believe that it is less painful than waxing (which is about as fun as having your wisdom tooth removed without novacaine). Sugaring is not as painful because the sugar, lemon, and water adhere to hair and not to the skin, which means that if you are getting a bikini wax, you don’t feel like you are getting your entire labia ripped off in one full swoop. In addition, sugaring is supposedly better for the skin because it is all-natural so it doesn’t tend to irritate the skin as much.


Unfortunately for those in the sugaring camp, sugaring is not without its disadvantages; sugaring can’t remove the shortest hairs, so there may be one or two unsightly stray hairs. As it was described to me, this changes after a few sugaring procedures and there are less stray hairs because of the regrowth.



In the city I live in, the relative cost of sugaring versus waxing is approximately the same, so there isn’t any economic advantage to either sugaring or waxing. This is also true if you choose to do either waxing or sugaring with an at-home kit as both sugaring and waxing at-home kits cost around the same.


Another difference between sugaring and waxing is that sugar concoction is removed by pulling in the same direction that the hair grows; the hair is pulled in the opposite direction of the growth when waxing.


Earlier, I wrote about electrolysis as a hair removal option, but the cost makes it prohibitive for most women; in addition, the results permanent, so electrolysis as an option might not be as appealing to some. (LINK HERE)

And of course, once your hair is gone, you can always get yourself Vajazzled.