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Save Money by doing your own Nails at home!

With the tough economy on our shoulders, saving money is one of the top priorities on almost everyone’s to-do list. I knew some people like my friends and sister who would always visit the local nail salon for a manicure and pedicure service every couple weeks. At that time, the economy was not too bad with people spending money on beauty services such as hair or nail care. Now with the economy being on a tight budget in practically everyone’s pocket, the time to save money starts now.

I used to work with my friend at a local Oriental Retreat and Spa. I had worked at the spa as a front desk receptionist in charge of booking appointments, multi-tasking in between duties on the phone and in-person, printing out advertisement spa ads, payments, spa menu changes, and making sure the front reception area was clean and tidy. My friend worked as an esthetician at the spa and occasionally worked at the front desk with me. During her break time over lunch one day, my friend and I discussed about manicures and pedicures. Since we both love getting our nails done, it was a great topic to discuss about. My friend told me with her busy lifestyle from attending school, completing homework and projects, working full-time, and spending time with family and friends, she does not really have all the free time to spend doing her own nails. She would spend about every couple weeks at the nail salon between $25-$30 just on both a manicure and pedicure service.  

Recently, I went to meet my friend for dinner at a nice restaurant. I haven’t seen my friend for a very long time and it was very nice to see her as well. We discussed what was going on in our lives. I had asked her if she still currently visits the nail salon with the economy being bad and all. My friend said “no.” She basically told me that she does not have the time anymore since she is on a strict budget with spending now. She recently quit her old job at the spa where we used to work together and works at a new spa located near her house. My friend said with the bad economy occurring, there is no way she can afford to drive back and forth in very long commutes from her house to work each day. With the rising gas prices, it is very smart for people to save every single penny, dime, and dollar. That was what my friend did. She now purchases sets of nail colors to do her own nails at home. It is actually much cheaper and easy-to-do-yourself at home then spending money out of your own pocket every couple weeks. Even though getting a manicure and pedicure ranges about $30 at most nail salons, it does add up. This beauty tip technique at home will save you time and money. You do not need to waste a drive down to the local nail salon to get a manicure and pedicure done anymore. Just start doing your own nails at home for a low costly price.

My sister and I have started doing our own nails at home as well. She used to get manicures and pedicures at the nail salon too and couldn’t believe how much money she was spending. We had started getting into the habit of purchasing and collecting sets of nail colors to do our own nails at home. Even though it takes a bit of time to clean, coat, and dry our nails, it is much cheaper. You can also do your own spa foot treatment at home too. Doesn’t that sound great? So ladies, if you want to save money and time, do your own nails at home and save yourself a trip from driving down to your nail salon. With the tough economic times hindering on us, don’t even waste a single step visiting a nail salon to beautify your nails.