Relieving irritated and sensitive skin

Relieving irritated and sensitive skin

Makeup and home remedy tips

Do you have sensitive skin? Do you have irritated skin? Do you wonder how you can moisturize your sensitive skin and help relieve some of its dryness, without further causing more irritation problems?

First, you could go to a dermatologist. This doctor may advise you to do some smart things as cutting out those hot baths that you love. Yes, hot water will draw the moisture from your body. You should be using warm water instead. You should also not be using lotions and cleansers that contain solvents such as mineral oil or petrolatum. These solvents can strip the oil from your body, too. These doctors may also warn you about using products that contains fragrances and artificial dyes.

You could examine your makeup and your brushes. Do you clean your makeup brushes regularly? These brushes can contain bacteria, which can aggravate sensitive skin. You could even skip the brushes and begin using disposable sponges. These can be thrown out with each use and thus help your skin avoid extra bacteria. What can you do when a blotch does occur from sensitivity? You can simply hide the blotch with some miner wear talc free powder, until it slowly heals.

If you wish to use a home remedy, one of the most beloved remedies for irritated skin is simple milk. Milk can help cure the irritation and help relieve the itchiness associated with it. It can also help balance the skin’s PH balance. One can simply, soak a cloth in warm milk and apply onto the affected area. This can be done once a week or more often, if the area is badly infected.