Look prettier in the morning

Look prettier in the morning

Nightly beauty routines that can help you look prettier during the day.

Yes, sleep is important. Sleep gives our bodies and our mind a chance to rest. However, the time in which we are sleeping is also the ideal time to become more beautiful.  All it takes is a little prep time before we crawl into our beds. Here is some of this writer’s favorite beauty before bed tips.

Do you love the look of wavy hair? Yet, are you like most women and have little to no time to style your hair in the mornings? If you are nodding your head in agreement, try this simple tip. Braid your damp hair in some loose braids before crawling into your bed at night. Undo the braids in the morning and presto you have a nice wavy look in the morning that you tamed as much as you need or want.

Do you want to prevent wrinkles? By now, you know, that you can do this while you sleep. This can be done by applying your favorite anti-wrinkle creams and even Frownie patches. These can help stop movement while you sleep. Many women swear that they actually minimize the appearance of wrinkles.

Do you have dry skin? Night is the perfect time to try to repair it with a moisturize lotion. However, remember this rule of thumb if you shower or take a warm bath right before going to bed. The best time to apply lotion is within three minutes of bathing.

Does your hair feel especially dry? Consider applying conditioner or a hair mask on your hair at night when you know you will have in the morning to wash it out, completely.

Is your pale skin bugging you? Do you wish to apply self-tanning lotion or at home spray tan product? Night is the perfect time. However, be sure you are completely dry before crawling into bed.

Finally, if you can, sleep on satin pillow cases. This will help keep your hair smoother, help reduce static in your hair and will help reduce face and eye wrinkles.