Liquid Highlighter – The Perfect All in One Product

Liquid Highlighter – The Perfect All in One Product

It’s early in the morning and you need to get out the door looking as human as possible, as quickly as possible. Products with multiple uses are ideal for that purpose. One such item is liquid highlighting cream. Usually a shimmery white or light pink color, liquid highlighter adds emphasis, sheen and light color to areas that you want to highlight. Use it in place of eyeshadow and even blush.

First, keep in mind that a very little goes a long way. Otherwise you risk looking like a disco ball! Start out by applying the rest of your makeup, whether you just wear powder or mascara, or both, do the rest of your makeup first before applying the liquid highlighter. After applying the liquid highlighter, avoid putting any powder on top of it.

Put a tiny dab, and I mean tiny, in the tip of one of your finger. Press it into your inner eyelids. Blend it in a bit with your fingers. Also add a touch of it to the tops of your brow bones. This functions much in the way that using a light eye shadow on your brow bone does.

Put another dab of the highlighter on your finger and apply to the tops of your cheekbones. This can take the place of blush without adding much in the way of color. Blend it in and you’re done!

After applying lipstick or lip-gloss, dab a tiny dot of liquid highlighter in the center of your bottom lip and press your lips together. Your lips will look bigger!