FAQ: Sheep Placenta Cream

FAQ: Sheep Placenta Cream

Would You Ever Sacrifice a Sheep to Have a Wrinkle-free Face?

A Facebook friend listed the contents of her suitcase on the way home to her native country of Thailand. The list seemed fairly normal: sunglasses, bathing suit, and sheep placenta cream. I’m not joking. She really listed placenta cream as something to pack for her trip back home.


Of course, I had to ask her what it meant; inquiring minds want to know after all and the idea of sheep placenta cream half disturbed me and half intrigued me. I learned that sheep placenta was a wrinkle cream that her sisters and mom were crazy about. I did some quick Internet sleuthing on my own to uncover the mystery and history of sheep placenta cream, partially because I love how the name of it just rolls off my tongue and partially for the reasons mentioned above.


Here’s a basic definition of sheep placenta cream:

The placenta, an internal organ that nourishes the fetus in the womb, is valued for its high nutritional content. Placenta cream has been celebrated for years by the wealthy and celebrities alike for its ability to rejuvenate skin tissue and restore a youthful luster to your appearance.


This blog post has a pretty disturbing definition of a placenta for those who are ignorant of medical terminology.


it's the organ that connects to a developing fetus that allows nutrient uptake, waste elimination and gas exchange.


FAQ about sheep placenta cream:


Q:   How often do I apply sheep placenta cream to my face, hands, body and other parts and how do I apply it?

A:   Sheep placenta cream should be applied on your face, hands, body, and other parts on a daily basis. It should be massaged gently into the skin.


Q:  Are there any famous people who have used sheep placenta cream?

A:  Yes, there are. Winston Churchill, Charlie Chaplin, and Dwight Eisenhower have all used sheep placenta cream. I think their relative lack of wrinkles speaks for the efficacy of sheep placenta cream.


Q:  Isn’t sheep placenta cream kind of gross?

A:  Yes, actually it is. In order to get past the grossness of using sheep placenta cream, you have to forget that the main ingredient is used to protect a sheep’s fetus.


Q:  Are the sheep’s fetuses harmed at any way when the manufacturers make sheep placenta cream?

A:  Yes, unfortunately I am 99.9% positive that sheep fetuses are sacrificed for the beauty and eternal youth of those using products containing sheep placenta.


Q:  How does sheep placenta cream work for getting rid of wrinkles?

A:  Dermatologists claim that if sheep placenta cream does work, it might be because of the moisturizer in the wrinkle cream.

Q:  How else do people use sheep placenta cream?

A:  Grossly enough, people sometimes inject sheep placenta cream into their faces.

Q:  Do you recommend using sheep placenta cream?

A:  I would never advise anyone to sacrifice a sheep to get rid of wrinkles.