Clean your makeup brushes

Clean your makeup brushes

I’ll admit it.  Up until about five years ago, I did not realize that I had to wash my makeup brushes.  Instead, I had just used the poor makeup brushes until they got too dirty, and simply tossed them away.  Luckily, I now know better.

Makeup brushes work a lot better when you wash them regularly.  Plus they tend to last longer when you do your best to keep them clean.  Most importantly though, is the fact that your skin is less prone to breaking out when you make it a habit to clean your makeup brushes.

Cleaning makeup brushes is a very easy task.  You do not need anything special to get it done.  With just a bottle of shampoo, you can easily get your makeup brushes squeaky clean.

Wash and lather the makeup brushes with shampoo in a similar fashion to how you would wash your hair.  Then lay the makeup brushes so that they can hang off of a table or a sink counter.  Drying the makeup brushes this way will prevent it from staying wet all day long. 

How often should you shampoo your makeup brushes?  At the very least, you should try to shampoo the makeup brushes once a week.  However, do not go with the minimum amount of cleaning your makeup brushes if you have very sensitive skin, or skin that is likely to attract pimples.  Instead, try to shampoo the makeup brushes after every single use.  If that is not possible, you can use the wipes made for cleaning makeup brushes on most days.  However, still try to shampoo at least once a week.