Beauty tips to fight off a wild night out

Beauty tips to fight off a wild night out

How to combat a wild night out or any type of night without sleep.

Did you party too hard last night? Did the baby keep you up all night? Did you fight with your hubby or significant other all night? Now that it is morning does your face show the signs? What can you do?

If you have nowhere to go, you can crawl back in bed, unless you still have a baby to care for in the morning. If you have somewhere to go and you don’t want to show the effects of the night, you can put down the coffee cup and begin your overhaul.

Now that you have caffeine the inside your body, it is time to put some on the outside of your body. Begin by placing a warm green tea bag onto each eye. This will help reduce puffiness. Keep them on your eyes for two minutes. Now place them on the sides of your nose. Yes, this area can become inflamed, as well.

Once you dry off your eyes and nose, you are ready to start applying makeup. Of course, your best friend right now is a concealer. The best correctors are the green-tinted ones. These can help neutralize redness.  As you are applying your makeup, skip the foundations and powders. If you have a great beauty balm cream, now is the ideal time to use it, especially one that has a tint to it. Your skin may be dry from any drinking you did and from not getting enough sleep.

One makeup step you must not skip is your eyes. If you can make your eyes look brighter, you will look more rested. Be sure to use an eyeliner and some mascara to give your eyes a wider and more open look.

Add some highlighter onto your cheekbones, along the bridge of your nose and the middle of your forehead.  Finally, add some peachy colored blush and a bold hydrating lipstick. Now look at yourself in the mirror. Can you honestly tell that you had a rough night?